Jan 9, 2008


Dry spells... They happen to all of us. At one moment we are filled with inspiration, ready to conquer the world and support each other all the way. The next we have to make choices, grow up, step up.

Who we once were and what we become can scare us in their differences. Sometimes we strive towards separating the two. We all have a place, be it a river court, a cemetary, a coffee shop, even a friends house, where we can gather our strengths or seek inspiration. When we are young emotions run wild, and inspiration comes and goes. We feel almighty and hopeful, but in the next moment the world comes crashing down upon us.

How do we keep telling each other to stay strong, to do great things, when life is so hard to begin with? Is it at all possible to conquer and pursue those dreams? And what if we get there but look around and realize we are all alone?

Or what if we get stuck on the way and the people rooting see it too?

We all grow up, and we all change. Sometimes we will loose our way, and everything will seem like it is standing still. Then the earth moves again, and anything can happen. Anything is within your grasp, reach for it.